Sun Dried Strips Tomato

Sun Dried Strips Tomato

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We brought the most delicious consistency of tomato that having the most beautiful color and smell to your tables. In our special drying greenhouses, we make untouched-dry cherry tomatoes that we grow in our own fields by hanging method, completely natural and without any additives. We flavour field tomatoes with vegetable oil and seasonings. You can easily use our tomatoes, which we untouched cut into strips, in your meals on bread or as an aperitif. We carry the smell of summer to your tables in every season.


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Ingredients: Sun-dried tomatoes, vegetable oil, spice mix, sea salt, sugar, citric acid E330 and acetic acid E260

Ürün Stok Kodu


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210cc Jar SDT-02
327 Jar SDT-05
500cc Jar SDT-07
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It should be kept in a cool and dry place. After opening, it should be stored in the refrigerator in its own brine.

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24 Mounts

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Produced in Nuts Production Facility

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