Efe Olive Salad

Efe Olive Salad

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It contains the green from olives and the red from the sun-dried tomatoes. It is first pleasing to the eyes, then leaves a soft taste on your palate with the harmony it catches with spices. Efe Olive Salad which does not contain any additives has “TRENDY PRODUCT” Award.


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Description :

Ingredients: Fermented green olives, vegetable oil, dried tomatoes, spice mix

Type and Region
Domat / Aegean Region

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327cc EOS-05
500cc EOS-07
5/1 Tin EOS-08
Additional Information :

It should be kept in a cool and dry place. After opening, it should be stored in the refrigerator in its own brine.

Shelf Life

24 Mounts

Allergen Warning

It may contain piece of seed

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