Green Olive

  • Seedless Green Olive

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    First-class olives, carefully collected from trees of the Aegean region are produced without using any additives, by extracting the seeds and brining with “untouched” fully automatic machines. You can use Seedless Green Olives for your breakfast, or sweetening your pizza, pastries, baked goods and salads.

  • Green Crushed Olive

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    Our Crushed Green Olives which are especially consumed for breakfast are carefully collected from our gardens in October-November when they are green. After the crushing process is done with “untouched” machines, they are packaged after ripening in brine prepared with a mixture of salt and lemon salt.

  • Green Ripe Olive

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    Natural green ripe olives which are indispensable for breakfast tables are completely prepared with the traditional methods of the Aegean Region. Green Olives sweetened by being put into brine will be the favorite of your breakfasts


  • Sliced Green Olive

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    We carefully slice our olives grown in our own gardens without using any additives and offer them to practical use for your pizza, salad, sandwich, cold appetizers and meals

  • Antakya Halhalı Green Olive

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    Halhalı olive, the favorite olive of the Hatay region, is one of the most sought-after varieties on the tables. It has a high oil content that are collected in the beginning of September, crushed with mallets, brine in salt water then prepared with completely natural methods. Olive flavoured with the wind and rains of the region where it grows will be the sought-after taste of your breakfasts and snacks.

  • Scratched Green Olive

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    Olives carefully picked from the trees in our own garden without using any additives are produced by scratching and brining with traditional and natural methods. Our green scratched olive is a candidate to be the best accompanist to your hot breads at breakfast.