Anatolia raises a long-term and strategic cooperation with regional and national distributors, local and national grocery chains, delicatessens, restaurants, hotels and independent end-consumers. We always meet promptly to the needs of our customers by means of our production capacity and R&D Team;
We, as Anatolia, believe that the services we provide should be as unique and valuable as our customers and products. For this purpose, we serve with our experienced national and international sales representatives, Sales Support Team, Quality Control Team and specialized Logistics Team. Anatolia is the leader of its sector by distinguishing itself from its competitors in olive groups, sea salts and gourmet product segment.


Anatolia, from the market shelf to the shopping cart, is with you at every stage, It guarantees quality, variety and diversity in all its products, from olives to sea salt and gourmet appetizers. Our products take their places on the shelves with our Hisaronu, Ellen Well’s and other brands;

The products of Anatolia are free from chemical preservatives, colorants and flavorings and do not contain GMOs and gluten. Our Field Support Team follows the status and stock-trackings of our products on the market shelves through the B2B system. Our new products are introduced in all market chains through tasting activities and supported by sales-enhancing activities.


Anatolia carries the healthiest, natural and colorful products of the Mediterranean to delicatessen counters appealing to all tastes and mouth-pleasing with more than 40 olive and appetizer varieties produced under the Hisaronu and Ellen Well’s brands;

Our experienced Sales Support Team,provides training and on-site support to our customers’ department supervisors on product features, flavours and usage areas. Anatolia is more than a product provider for delicatessens, it is their “accompanier” that ensures their success and customer satisfaction.


Anatolia, reliably delivers its products to the most exclusive hotels, restaurants, airlines and catering companies in ready-to-use way. In this way, the customers save labor and time to prepare appetizers and olive salads and offer the most special tastes to their guests in the easiest way.

Special Production

Our R&D Team creates recipes in accordance with local tastes and offers them to our customers. While we can make production with our customers’ own brands with a wide range of packaging and labeling options, thanks to our production capacity. we also create the recipes requested by our customers