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Anatolia’s Brands


Olive, the Eternal Love

We produce, Anatolia’s leading brand and product Hisaronu olives, with eternal love and excitement for you. We present to your table the best quality and natural olive grains that we have carefully collected by transforming them into gourmet flavours in the expert hands of Anatolia.

Anatolia’s Gourmet Menu

The crops carefully grown in the fertile and rich soils of Anatolia by our devoted farmers, they take their place on your tables with the expertise of Anatolia.

Olives, the symbol of eternal love, are the crown jewel of the tables, which grows in the fertile and rich soils of the Aegean region and has been the subject of epics for centuries.

A unique harmony of traditional Macedonian homemade recipe with red pepper and eggplant roasted in a wood fire. 100% organic Ajvars with or without spicy.

Bruschettas, created a unique taste snack in the past by farmers working in the fields to assuage their hunger and nowadays, bruschettas are part of the dining tables.

“Sauce is the watchman of the food,” say gourmet Chefs. Sauces that come to your rescue in difficult times with their carefully prepared recipes and flavor your meals as if they were touched by a Chef.

Dried Tomatoes, one of the most special flavour revealed by the warmth and light of the sun, which are carefully grown in the tender embrace of soil.

Natural Sea Salts, Spices and Mixtures, The irreplaceable, conspicuous by its absence, Spice of tables and Nature has presented to the kitchens.

Anatolia’s Quality & Sensitivity


Acting with a sense of social responsibility, Anatolia is a brand that is both sensitive to the environment and has adopted the principle of being with its breeders. Anatolia, one of the leading agro-industrial organizations, gives importance to environmental protection as well as contributions to the development of agriculture in its own field. Technologies and innovations which will enable production without harming the environment are carried out in our facility.


The place where we grow is as important as what we grew up with. The development of our products depends on the perfect combination of sunlight, soil composition and microclimate conditions.


We measure the effectiveness of the trainings we have given before on-site by visiting our breeders in the field. As a result of our inspections in the field, we evaluate the result of the harvest and make purchases.


When it’s time to harvest, we measure product quality, pesticide and heavy-metal residue values. As Anatolia, we harvest the crop that meets the criteria we set earlier, with care and precision.


Anatolia's wide and diverse product range is processed in a bacteria-free environment under the control of expert food engineers in a fully automatic production line.


Food safety, packaging and delivery of products are among our priorities. We protect our products with natural brine, oil and preservation methods without using any preservative chemicals.


As a company aware of its environmental protection responsibility, Anatolia, continues its activities by believing that the world should be left to be passed on to future generations.


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Anatolia, hand-in-hand with the Anatolian farmer

In addition to using high technologies, Anatolia creates a great employment resource by procuring all the crops used in its products from the regional farmers. Besides, its expert Food Engineers provide training by developing applications that produce solutions for supporting the development of the farmer.

Anatolia’nın Hizmetleri

Anatolia; kurumsal müşterileriyle uzun soluklu ve stratejik bir işbirliği inşa eder. Verdiğimiz hizmetlerin, müşterilerimiz ve ürünlerimiz kadar eşsiz ve değerli olması gerektiğine inanıyoruz. Bu özelliği ile Anatolia; tüm gurme ürün gruplarıyla rakiplerinden ayrılarak sektörünün lideri konumundadır.