Anatolia Konservecilik Tarim Urunleri Gida San. Tic. A.S. which is the youngest association of the Aydin Group that has a half century long history was just a dream in 2005, a dream of Hisaronu. It has been established by an understanding of innovativeness, courage and sacrifice elaborated by a few persons doing what they do with love and it has grown by quality and labor. It has never given up, not even a moment, its passion of production different tastes and idea of perfection.

If you love something and have an interest deeply, you exactly create something there. We created “Grill Olives” for the first time in Turkey by our understanding of “endless love olive”. With our various olive salads, we got “Superior Taste Award” which is evaluated and given by the world’s most qualified parties of the INTERNATIONAL TASTE & QUALITY INSTTITUTE.

By the idea of “Salt is Health” we diversified our sea salt production that has no additives with Ellen Well’s Gourmet Series. We will continue to be present within kitchens first and then within hearts of millions of people both in Turkey and the World together with flavors we created through understanding of “endless love olive” in our modern facility with our young and dynamic team…


All types of olives are produced at the production facility of Anatolia A.S. which has 8000 sqm closed and 30.000 sqm opened area that is acredited by A Class BRC, IFS and FDA Certificates according to ISO 22000: 2005 Food Safety System during the period starting with picking up from trees and ending with reaching to the customer in accordance with all relevant hygiene rules. Hygiene activies and personnel applications are controlled by the Quality Control Responsible according to the ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System and recorded.

Program of Fighting with harmfuls is performed by specialist company confirmed by the Ministry of Health in accordance with harmfuls control instructions. It is followed by the last technology computer system that olive comes from which region, grown by which farmer and completed which phases. All of these phases are coded in labels of Hisaronu Olives and thus the consumer are informed.

Since Hisaronu Olives does not use any insanitary preservaties and chemicals at any stage of production, all products are reached to the consumer in the most healthy and qualified way.